With the progress of globalization, global education integration will provide an important platform to promote international economic and cultural exchange. The growing demand in the labor market for international talent is an emerging trend, as is the internationalization of the education industry. The exchange and sharing of educational resources between countries will contribute to global economic development as well as intercultural understanding. Therefore, educators are now faced with the question of how to connect talented students to quality global education resources.

Intermediary education consultancies facilitating self-sponsored students to study aboard plays a key role in serving the education industry .JJL Overseas Education Consulting & Service Co., Ltd. is among the first group of self-sponsored study aboard service agencies accredited by Chinese government. As an executor of the government’s reform policies to support Chinese students studying aboard, JJL views study aboard service as a “moral industry” with a stringent code of honor. We aim to always provide professional quality services and adhere to our philosophy of being customer-focused and sending the right students to the right institutions. JJL has been a standard setter in the industry, with widespread recognition in the market, and we will continue to be the industry leader in innovation and best practices. “Sincerity makes one world”—Through our sincerity and professionalism, we achieved the results we have today. I truly hope that educators all over the world can join me in building a more civilized, wholesome and harmonious environment that fosters the growth and development future generations of international talent, as our small contribution to a better tomorrow.

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